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We are well known for our expertise in designing and delivering trusted solar tags. We serve more of the solar industry than any other solar tag provider.

In fact, we are proud to be the largest supplier of photovoltaic equipment tags in North America.
Solar installers are required to use equipment signage called solar tags, photovoltaic labels. These custom engraved plastic labels are used to identify devices and prevent safety issues with solar equipment. For instance:

  • Switches and circuit breakers (pull boxes)
  • Main service line
  • AC service section and sub panels
  • Engraved signs in decal form
  • Back-fed breakers
  • AC disconnect and point of connection
  • DC disconnect
  • Warning and hazard tags

Our proven engraving process allows us to engrave the labels with required information or instructions and ship them to you, usually within 24-48 hours.

The solar installers we work with appreciate our fast process and quick turnaround times. Our experience and expertise in this area often allows us to accelerate the process even further, since we already have a large inventory of signs and labels that are relevant to your solar business.

We are the largest supplier of photovoltaic equipment tags in North America


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Solar warning labels are a must for any piece of photovoltaic equipment, for both safety and compliance with current regulations. And while it may be necessary for solar signage to be on display, there are no mandates telling you where to order your labels. At Accurate Signs, we know that you have several options when it comes to ordering your solar signage, but here are 4 reasons why you should choose us:

Maximum Durability

Our expertly engraved placards offer the most in durability and longevity. Each solar warning label is carefully crafted on heavy-duty Traffolyte using our proven engraving process.  Our signs will hold up for years to come, ensuring that your equipment remains in compliance with current regulations.

Accurate Wording

We have a clear understanding of proper wording for photovoltaic and solar warning labels, so you can rest assured that your signs meet all PV standards.  We are familiar with current regulations that dictate specific wording on signage, so there’s no cause for concern about your signs not satisfying compliance standards.

Quickly Processed, Ready to Apply Labels

Accurate Signs has one of the quickest turnaround times available. After receiving your order, we can process and manufacture your labels immediately, with shipments leaving our facility as soon as 24 hours later. Once you receive the solar warning labels, they are ready to apply – no preparation required!

Unbeatable Experience and Service

We are one of the leading label and sign producers you’ll find – not just in Arizona, but in the U.S. and beyond. Our reputation for high quality products, knowledgeable staff, and excellent customer service have made us the go-to sign company for businesses looking for professional, affordable signage. We offer signs for many industries, and we consider ourselves to be specialists in the area of solar tags.


Solar energy has become increasingly popular in a day and age in which global warming is a reality, fossil fuels are running out, people are paying attention to carbon footprints, and certain threats loom on society’s way of life.  As science hones in on methods to harness the sun’s energy rather than continually harm it, Accurate Signs continues to develop technological precision for the signage that accompanies solar power.

Custom solar tags should take several things into account.  Communicate with us at Accurate Signs as well as your contractors to figure out which areas of your equipment need signage.  Things to consider:

  • Local municipal guidelines and requirements as to solar signage.  You want to be on the same page as local governance so that anyone that comes into contact with your solar equipment knows how to look for what they’re looking for.
  • Contractor advice and research as to which things are labeled on other solar equipment of the same variety.
  • When parts connect, interact, or depend on one another in a particular way– a label in that joint or line may be useful.
  • Think about what elements of your equipment need maintenance over time and how to most efficiently label things to make that maintenance easier.
  • Beyond maintenance, what might need to be fixed in the future?  Anticipate which elements wear over time and how so you can label them.
  • Any safety concerns should be carefully considered.  While some solar signage is informational regarding where certain parts are and how they relate to one another in the whole, warnings and hazards are crucial as well.

You don’t need to know the ins and outs of electrochemistry, photochemistry, or physics to own solar equipment; Accurate Signs can help provide informational and monitorial signage for ease of navigation.


Proper labeling of solar tags in photovoltaic infrastructure may be critical for safety, but it’s not something that everyone has found consensus on. In fact, most engineers, designers, installers, and others involved in the industry will tell you that proper signage has not even been present 100% of the time, let alone consistent from one device to another. However, thanks to new regulations, this uncertainty in labeling is changing. New compliance standards are dictating that solar tags not only be highly visible, but also uniform in their appearance and terminology.


Before we discuss the updated standards, let’s talk briefly about the organizations responsible for these regulations. The first is the National Electrical Code, or NEC, and the second is the International Fire Code, or IFC. These entities work to ensure compliance and safety with photovoltaic infrastructure, part of which is dedicated to proper signage on equipment. It should be pointed out that, prior to the new regulations, there has been some inconsistency between each organization’s standards.

New Standards

There are several new standards that the NEC has recently mandated for compliant solar safety labels.  For starters, the new code makes it clear on exactly what types of labels are required, along with the specific phrasing on each. There are key differences in colors and what constitutes proper wording. The NEC code updates also help eliminate some of confusion that previously existed between NEC and IFC regulations.

Experience of Accurate Signs = Knowledge and Compliance

Accurate Signs is familiar with all of the new NEC standards. We have extensive experience in solar tags, and we are well-versed with the updated regulations. Our team knows what you need, and where you need it to ensure that you are in compliance with the current code. The experience of Accurate Signs and knowledge of codes, combined with our quick turnaround times will give you the high quality, accurate, compliant solar safety labels you need.


Solar tags serve a number of important purposes.  The solar industry, while gaining a lot of momentum and attention, is still relatively young, which means aspects of the industry are still being figured out.  There isn’t yet a nationally adopted standard when it comes to labeling photovoltaic equipment, though cities create their own requirements and those requirements are often similar.

As with any industry, in the solar industry, everyone involved has a different perspective in the matter and as something at stake.  Those creating the rules of how to pass inspections have safety in mind, while engineers and customers want to pass those inspections with as little cost and time incurred as possible.  We, the label makers, step in to create affordable, efficient labels with expertise and knowledge that will allow the equipment to pass inspection and will keep people safe.

Solar tags are useful to identify varying parts of the equipment in case those parts need repair.  They’re also useful for warning signs (any electrical components should be labeled for anyone nearby, whether they’re interacting with the equipment first hand or not).  To fulfill both safety and informational roles, here are some examples of where solar labels are located and why:

  • Switches and circuit breakers (electric shock hazard).
  • AC service section and AC sub panels (the disconnect needs to be turned off before any work is done in the panel).
  • On the main service (indicate various sources of current involved).
  • Any points of connection or disconnection (to show where things come apart and together, which relates, also, to where the energy is located when the source is open).

These labels name various parts of the equipment, and show their relationship to one another, thus illustrating how the energy moves, what to be cautious about, and how to go about fixing various components safely.


While solar tag text can vary, contractors should check with local municipalities to comply with what’s recommended in a particular area.  No matter which kind of engraved language is needed, Accurate Sign can help.  In this growing field, it’s important that we create agreed upon labels for crucial parts of the equipment.  No matter what the text reads, it should serve as a form of communication to other people and convey the proper kinds of information.  We can help you identify which parts of the equipment to label and with which kinds of verbiage.

The Growing Power of Solar

At this time, there’s over 20,000 MW of solar capacity in the United States.  That’s enough cumulative energy capacity to power over 4 million homes.  As we learn more about how to harness and apply energy from the sun into a renewable resource, labeling becomes an essential part of the task to keep everyone on the same page and up to speed.

We’re Here For You

In conjunction with contractors and local governments, Accurate Sign can offer relevant suggestions for how to label solar equipment.  We know what the potential safety concerns could be, and how to indicate those textually.  We also know what kinds of labels will help contractors and customers tend to any problems that might occur.

We put tags on more solar equipment than any other company in America.  Our extensive knowledge of the equipment allow us to pinpoint which signs to place where.  When you’re interacting with a solar product, you can thus skip the process of trying to figure out what something is and leave that part to us.  Signs leave precise marks to make directions possible.  In thinking about which text to engrave on the tags, we anticipate what kinds of language might be most useful in any future problem or safety situation.


Accurate Signs supplies more solar energy tags than any other business in North America, so we know the importance of the signage we’re making.  Our tags label places on the equipment such as:

  • Switches
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Service Lines
  • Back-Fed Breakers
  • AC Points Of Connection and Disconnection
  • Various Warnings and Hazards

The tags we place on solar devices label various parts of the equipment that need to be identified for safety reasons. Here are just a few.

They help identify the equipment should a problem occur.  If something’s not working properly, a label is necessary in order to identify potential sources of the problem.  We name things for a reason; naming helps us classify and categorize something so our brains can have access to that thing.  If we don’t name the parts of the equipment, we wouldn’t be able to zoom in on the area of trouble and fix it.

They help keep other contractors safe who might also be working on the job.  Labeling is a form of communication.  So, if there are multiple contractors on the job or contractors with varying levels of knowledge regarding the equipment, it’s essential to have agreed upon symbols that signify which things are where.  Our tags keep everyone on the same page so that work can happen safely and without confusion.  Without such signage, time might be wasted trying to figure out where something is instead of moving forward with that as a given.

They help keep customers safe once the job is complete.  Once a contractor leaves, the product is yours for the keeping, and servicing.  Our labels will heed you of warnings to keep danger to a minimum when you’re interacting with the equipment.

Solar tags help with problems and keep people safe so that no one’s in the dark regarding solar equipment. Whether you need just a few or enough for the entire job site, we’ll be happy to help. Give us a call now to learn more.


Solar tags are an absolute must. Whether you’re more concerned about safety or that upcoming inspection, ensuring you have the highest quality tags available has to be part of that equation. Wondering where you can get them? Accurate Signs! The single best and largest provider of solar tags in today’s market, we offer several great advantages.

  • Real Experience: We’re the largest supplier of photovoltaic tags in North America! We understand the rules and regulations you’re up against now, so we can help keep you on track to a successful inspection, implementing regulations you may not even know exist!
  • Bigger Inventory: Being the biggest supplier does have its advantages. We have the tags on hand that you need now in inventory, so simply swinging by the shop to pick something up is never a problem for us. We also can ship anywhere in North American, same day.
  • Faster Service: No matter how many tags you need or how quickly you need them, Accurate Signs is here to offer you the fastest possible service. We offer bulk orders exactly when you need them, and you can even place your order online for an even faster turnaround. We know you’re on a tight schedule, so we’ll do everything we can to keep you on your timeline, even in emergencies!

Accurate Signs is here to make your life easier when it comes to solar tags. Our mission is simple. We want to become the supplier you rely on most, and for hundreds of other companies, we’ve managed to do just that thanks to the real advantages that we can provide. As you get ready to make your upcoming solar tag order, why not give us a try?   Contact us to find out just how quickly we can help your company get back in business faster. It’s one order you’ll never regret. Learn more about our process and our inventory when you give us a call today.


There are several reasons why Accurate Signs is the largest supplier of solar tags in the country.  We’ve built up so much experience and expertise over the years such that we are prepared for what kinds of labels to make for solar equipment and can process bulk orders with fast turnaround time.

Installing solar equipment can be a time-consuming process, but, luckily, the tagging process can be a relatively quick part.  Our knowledge base and experience provides quick results without losing any thoroughness.  We know the importance of precision in signage; if a text were fuzzy, blended with background color, or imperfect in a number of other varieties, not only would it not fulfill its purpose, but it could be harmful.  Signs provided blurry or wrong clues as to what’s working where in your equipment could lead to faulty maintenance and other problems.

While we know which signs to create for solar equipment, we also have custom engraving options so that you can choose to add more description on any of the labels or label more than the typical areas.  We can make our tags custom sizes to fit the amount of content you’d like it to hold.  We also have a variety of colors to convey the proper tone; color can be a fast way to distinguish between informational signs and hazard signs.  Perhaps you’d like a sign that’s bigger than the text it holds because color can convey the most important message first.  Or, perhaps you’d like some explanatory text in the actual label.  We can custom size the sign and the text size to suit the equipment’s needs and your preferences.

The combination of expertise and custom options means customers can be as involved as they’d like in the signage while also being able to fully trust our product.