We are a top supplier of electrical signs, tags and safety labels for electrical and mechanical companies, providing engraved tags and signage to contractors across North America.

Obviously, any type of contractor deals with equipment that needs to be identified and some that need to be handled with care—and this is especially true with electrical professionals.

We work with electrical contractors and installers to analyze their needs for electrical signs, and brainstorm ways that they may be able to improve their sign-related systems. We realize that an electrical installer’s goal is to provide simple instructions that leave no room for error, so that’s one of our top priorities when creating laser engraved signs for these clients.

For electrical contractors, attention-getting equipment tags that provide clear direction for safety are essential.

  • Authorized personnel only
  • High voltage equipment
  • Electrical equipment warning signs
  • Danger, caution or do-not-touch signs
  • Emergency and kill switch signs
  • Lockout and photo ID tags

You can’t afford to wait for these important signs and labels, so you’ll appreciate our fast process and quick turnaround times. Our experience and expertise in this area often allows us to accelerate the process even further, since we already have a large inventory of signs and labels that are relevant to your business.

Accurate Signs maintains one of the largest databases of electrical tags and signage templates.



Electrical tags are generally used to ensure safe operations of electrical systems and equipment. Specifically, they are often used to convey some sort of urgent warning or to guide the safe shutdown or startup of particular electric components, systems or machinery.

As an example, the lock-out/tag-out process is reliant upon electrical tags to achieve its goals and function correctly to keep everyone safe.

These electrical tags must be visible and easy to spot, even from a distance. They must also conform to established safety and labeling standards.

In any type of situation involving electrical equipment or machinery, safety is paramount. This isn’t a situation where you want to leave things to chance, or hope that personnel will be able to guess what they should do. The tags should be clear and concise, and get attention quickly. You also want to avoid being unconventional. Tags should follow established formulas and style formats, so as to be easily recognizable. That reduces the risk of confusion and allows staff to act more quickly.

We realize that safety is an urgent matter, and you cannot afford delays in getting your electrical tags created and installed where they are required.

Our expertise in this area will allow you to feel confident that all of our electrical tags will meet your standards for quality, and will also adhere to all relevant regulations and codes.


Electrical warning signs are likely the most important signage items you will ever need. While all of your labels and signs serve an important purpose, few are as critical as those that alert staff, contractors and perhaps even the general public of potential danger.

These warning signs can alert people as to an existing risk or danger, or can provide instructions as to the safe operation of equipment. They may also instruct users on how to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

In this situation, it is imperative that electrical warning signs be:

  • Clear
  • Easy to see
  • Noticeable
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Concise, with an unmistakable message

You cannot risk taking a chance with signs that may be overlooked. Likewise, you can’t rely on messaging that is unclear or doesn’t convey the accurate information quickly.

This is an area where experience matters. You want to be able to call upon the valuable expertise of professionals who have in-depth knowledge of how these signs should look and what they need to accomplish. In addition, signs may need to adhere to certain standards or regulations. Failing to meet these standards not only may create unsafe conditions, they may also leave you at risk of penalties.

Electrical warning signs are a valuable tool in helping to keep workers, contractors and the general public safe. You want to be sure these signs accomplish that purpose.

Safety shouldn’t be trusted to amateurs. Don’t underestimate the importance of professional signage designed by qualified experts in the field.

When implementing safe conditions around your electrical equipment, you must move quickly. Any delay in posting needed signage can create hazards and dangerous conditions.


With any type of situation involving electrical equipment or components, safety is the most important priority. You need to ensure that you create and maintain a safe environment for anyone working or living in that area, or those who may come in contact with that equipment.

Electrical safety signs and labels must be clear, direct, and easy to read and understand. These signs must get people’s attention immediately, and convey an unmistakable message. You can’t risk any type of confusion that may cause an unsafe situation.

Safety signs must convey their message quickly, often just in a few words. In many cases, they also follow a standard format with regards to shape, coloring or text. This isn’t a time when you want to be too creative—following an accepted, standard format will increase the odds that viewers will immediately recognize and understand the message.

The primary concern is safety, of course. But clear, visible signage can also help prevent any unnecessary power interruptions or accidental mistakes that can disrupt the operations of the business.

In addition, having proper electrical safety signs in your business or workplace will ensure that you meet all relevant OSHA standards and other applicable regulations and codes.

When it comes to safety, you cannot take any chances. You want to entrust your safety signs to professionals who have the skills and expertise to design signs that meet your exact needs.

At Accurate Signs, we have the experience to provide exactly what you need, and can offer advice as to how to best meet your signage needs.


Labeling is a critical part of all electrical systems and equipment—whether they may be located in an industrial, commercial or residential environment. The specific requirements and wording may vary, but the primary goal is the same: to convey urgent, essential information quickly in a way that’s clearly visible.

Electrical wire labels are used on wiring and in control panels, breakers and other equipment. They can serve a number of functions—safety and warnings, reference, identification, and instructions are among the most common.

With regards to electrical wires, labels are often used for quick and accurate identification of specific wiring that relates to a particular system or piece of equipment. Accurate and organized labeling is essential for the safe and efficient operation of all equipment. This will also be extremely helpful when the system needs to be repaired, inspected or moved. Clear labeling will also help in identifying specific items quickly in case of a problem. This helps repairs go more quickly and minimizes interruptions and downtime.

In addition, some system and component warranties require documentation of proper labeling as part of the installation process.

Electrical labels, tags and other signage must adhere to a variety of safety and accessibility requirements. In some cases, they must also follow certain configurations related to color-coding systems and alphanumeric formulas. Labels must convey an important message in very few words (often, just one or two).

While safety is of course the top priority, proper labeling is also essential in order to meet OSHA standards and other regulations. You want to be prepared for inspections and ensure you are in total compliance so as to avoid penalties, warnings or other repercussions for failure to meet labeling standards.

At Accurate Signs, we have the experience to provide exactly what you need, and can offer advice as to how to best meet your electrical wire label needs.


For an electrical contractor or any commercial/business enterprise that operates facilities with electrical equipment, maintaining a safe environment around that equipment is a top priority. Any confusion or lack of information can create a dangerous situation with the potential for serious consequences.

In addition, there are a variety of standards that must be met, with regards to OSHA, government and municipal entities and other organizations that may be involved. While safety is of course the most important consideration, violating any applicable regulations can result in fines, penalties, jobsite shutdowns and other repercussions you want to avoid.

Electrical labels and signs often must follow a standard format with regards to size, shape and color. The wording and size of text also may need to adhere to certain requirements.

With so many different guidelines and standards involved, it can be a challenge to keep up with everything you need to know to ensure you are meeting every label-related requirement. Yet it is essential to ensure that your business adheres to all necessary regulations, codes and guidelines regarding electrical labeling. With so much at stake, this isn’t something you want to trust to staff members who may not have experience in this area.

At Accurate Signs, we specialize in electrical labels and signage. We are very knowledgeable about and experienced with the specific requirements governing electrical labels. We can offer you guidance as to the wording, colors, symbols and other elements necessary in this type of labeling and signage.

Since we have a large database of electrical tags and signage templates, most likely we already have a basic example of the type of signs you need. This allows us to finish your project quickly and may even help you save time and money. Most importantly, we help you maintain a safe environment while also meeting all relevant codes and requirements.


Meeting all OSHA standards with regards to electrical safety is an important issue for all businesses, especially electrical contractors or those that deal with electrical equipment.

Of course the top priority is to establish and maintain a safe working environment, but it is also essential that your company complies with all relevant OSHA electrical safety regulations. Failure to adhere to those rules puts your business at risk of fines, penalties and perhaps even a shutdown of the jobsite. All of these can result in considerable expenses, delays and other inconveniences that will negatively impact your business.

You want to be prepared for inspections and ensure you are in total compliance so as to avoid any issues.

While there are many specifics with regards to OSHA rules for electrical safety, among the most basic regulations are that electrical signs and labels must be clear, direct, and easy to read and understand. After that, there are much more specific rules and guidelines regarding everything from the color of signage to the type of wording that must be clearly visible and the locations where signs must be posted.

It’s easy to underestimate the importance of a small sign or tiny label, but these items can be extremely important when it comes to electrical safety—and can also play a big role in ensuring you meet OSHA standards.

At Accurate Signs, we specialize in electrical labels and signage. We are very knowledgeable about the specific OSHA requirements governing electrical signs, warnings and labels. We can offer you guidance as to the wording, colors, symbols and other elements necessary in this type of labeling and signage.


With industry standards and specifications continually changing, you must make sure your electrical compliance signs meet current requirements.  But, keeping up-to-date isn’t always easy.

Today’s electrical signs must comply with criteria from several organizations.  Some examples of regulating bodies include:

  • NEC – the National Electrical Code
  • OSHA – the Occupational Safety and Health Administration
  • Local Building Departments
  • State Building Departments

Using our laser engraving technologies, Accurate Signs can develop electrical compliance signs for all kinds of situations.  For example, if you fail to protect your employees from arc flash, you not only risk injury, but a citation and fine from OSHA.  Arc flash occurs when a short circuit through air flashes from one exposed live conductor to another.  The resulting injuries, damage and fines can be very costly.

Because arc flash incidents are on the rise, safety compliance has become a hot button issue with OSHA.  Properly labeling potential hazards helps protect your employees and your organization.  Some examples of dangerous scenarios in which arc flash could present a danger include:

  • A conductive object coming close to a high-amp source
  • Creating a spark that can ignite an arc flash
  • Failing equipment
  • Insulation gaps
  • Impurities on a conductor’s surface

By installing proper signage, you increase safety, comply with regulations and save money.  Accurate Signs will explain the latest requirements and provide the right products so your organization establishes the highest safety levels possible.  As a top supplier of electrical signs, tags and safety labels for electrical contractors across North America, you can be assured the products Accurate Signs provides will help you comply with regulations and make a difference in your work environment.


Electrical hazards exist everywhere.  As a result, the National Electrical Code (NEC) has instituted hundreds of marking requirements over the years.  These requirements cover a wide area – from labeling equipment at the factory to installing electrical hazard signs in the field.

To provide adequate protection, electrical safety labels must notify employees of potential dangers, such as lockouts and arc flashes.  Electrical hazard signs need to be developed with an eye-catching design and constructed of a sufficient size to include warnings in both English and Spanish languages. They also must be made of durable material that stays firmly in place.  For example, electrical labels with adhesive-backs have to fit on fuse and switch boxes that may have curved surfaces.

You also need to keep up-to-date with the latest requirements issued by NEC. Based on a proposal for the 2014 NEC, danger, warning and caution signs will need to be color-coded.  The color used will indicate what type of hazard an employee may encounter.  For example:

  • Danger labels must use black text with a white and red background
  • Warning labels must use black text with a white and orange background
  • Caution labels must use black text with a yellow and white background

In addition, the NEC requires labels to be permanently affixed to equipment or wiring and appropriate for each particular location.  Electrical hazard signs should never be handwritten.

Given the dangers your employees face, providing the highest levels of protection has to become a top priority for your business.  Your electrical hazard signs must be designed and manufactured by a proven supplier so you can create the safest and most secure working environment.

As a top supplier of electrical signs, tags and safety labels, Accurate Signs has been providing engraved tags and signage to electrical contractors across North America. We specialize in quick turnaround on bulk orders, usually completing jobs within 24 to 48 hours.


Forget the box of markers for your electrical labeling projects.  Those days are long gone — and for good reason.  Because you have so much at risk, you must do everything you can to protect your employees and business by providing the safest working environment possible.

Any electrical contractor or business housing electrical equipment must include proper labeling.  It can’t become an after-thought in your project.  Nor can you wait until a project ends to complete this essential step.  Compliant labeling must be planned for and be part of a formal, organized process from design to installation.

Proper electrical labeling must be in place for two main reasons:

  • First and foremost, you must protect your people.  If employees aren’t aware of potential dangers, they could be seriously injured.  They need sufficient, understandable information to warn them of dangerous situations.  For this reason alone, electrical labeling has to become a top priority for your business.
  • Second, ever-changing industry regulations mean businesses must continually keep up-to-date with standards so they remain in compliance.  Several organizations create these requirements, including OSHA, state governments, municipalities and more.  Non-compliance with any of these standards can lead to serious consequences, including fines, penalties and shutdowns.

Why take such risks?  Simply installing appropriate electrical labeling can help you avoid negative outcomes.  And the best way to ensure compliance is to work with a supplier that specializes in electrical labels and signage.  A proven supplier like Accurate Signs can help you understand all the different guidelines involved in electrical labeling, such as standard formats for size, shape, color and wording.  By complying with all codes and requirements, we help you maintain a safe environment.


Electrical systems provide a backbone for most every building.  Not only do they control lighting, but any system that requires power.  Therefore, the use of professionally produced electric labels has become widespread.

In addition to cost pressures in today’s economy, electrical companies must deal with an ever-changing regulatory environment.  Working with a top supplier of electrical labels helps companies conform to current regulations.  Labeling solutions, including lockout and arc flash, help keep your facility safe and compliant.

Engraving is a durable and legible way to produce electrical labels.  Depending on the environment, the engraving materials can be selected to withstand harsh conditions, such as wetness, corrosiveness or high impact.  Some examples of engraving stock include acrylic, phenolic, aluminum, stainless steel, brass and others.  Whatever material you use, the end product must meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Engraved electrical labels can be produced in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, finishes and colors.  They can be made to affix to any surface in a number of ways, such as producing labels with a self-adhesive backing.  A full-service supplier can also customize your labels to your exact specifications.  Electrical contractors have countless choices available to satisfy specific project requirements.

However, a critical aspect of installing electrical systems is realizing labels are not optional and must be included in the project’s scope of work.  Electrical contractors need to invest the appropriate amount of time, effort and money in proper labeling so the company remains compliant, employees are protected and the working environment is secure.

As a top supplier of electrical labels, Accurate Signs produces industrial-grade solutions to contractors across North America. We specialize in quick turnaround on bulk orders and can complete a job usually within 24 to 48 hours.


The Most Suitable Materials, a Proven Production Process, Quick Order Turnaround and Unmatched Expertise

Electrical panel labels must be robust and permanent. Therefore, the electrical industry commonly uses phenolic labels on panel boxes, as well as cutout switch labels, identification panels, name plates and door plates.

Used throughout industrial facilities for all kinds of labeling applications, phenolic is a resin produced from phenol and aldehyde.  This material is often the best choice for electrical panel labels because of its ability to:

  • Tolerate harsh conditions
  • Resist water, oil and friction
  • Withstand chemical corrosion
  • Endure extreme temperature variations
  • Provide durability
  • Conform to OSHA safety regulations and ISO guidelines

For these reasons, phenolic makes a perfect material choice for electrical panel labels.  In addition, phenolic labels are flat and can be made using a wide assortment of colors.  By providing adhesive backing, they’re well suited to electrical panel installations.  Adhesive labels allow for a quick, convenient “peel and stick” application.

Phenolic labels consist of two colors:  a top layer color and a core color.  The top layer is the background color.  The core color only becomes exposed during engraving.  For example, if you want white letters on a dark background, you’d pick a label with a darker top layer and a white core.  The color combination you select will depend on the specific application, as well as industry guidelines and regulations.

Accurate Signs specializes in all types of industrial signage, including engraving labels for electrical panels.  We understand the specific requirements governing electrical labels.  And with our ample experience in all facets of industrial label production, we offer specific guidance on wording, colors, symbols and other elements necessary to successfully complete your electrical panel labeling project.

Plus, Accurate Signs maintains a large database of electrical tags and signage templates.  By already having an example of a label you need, you just might be able to finish your project quicker and at a lower cost.