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Custom Bronze Awards


In addition to increased competition, globalization, rising prices, and more demanding customers, today’s companies face another challenge: a war for talent. The best and brightest no longer stick around with the same employer for 30 years. To attract and retain top quality talent, businesses have to improve their employee engagement efforts.

One of the most effective ways to do that is simple recognition – a “Thank you” for a job well done and a token of gratitude. Our custom bronze awards can help you win the war for talent – and tell your people how much you appreciate them.

How important is employee recognition? Nearly three-quarters of companies have employee recognition programs. Great. Only 58 percent of employees think their companies have employee recognition programs. Not so great – especially because the number one reason most Americans leave their jobs is because they do not feel appreciated.

Your gesture of recognition needs to match the level of hard work and commitment shown by your employee. A poorly made plaque that falls apart after a week is reflective of your company, of your appreciation. What message is that sending to your employee? Opt for a high-quality custom bronze award; beautifully and durable made, it will commemorate the occasion and serve as a reminder for years to come.

Engrave the recipient’s name and the deed which earned them the award (e.g. 25 years of dedicated service; Exceptional Performance; Employee of the Year, etc.). This way, the award is not impersonal or mass-produced; it isn’t something you picked up on the way to the office. Rather, it is a sincere and lasting symbol of your appreciation.

Whether you want to honor a team or reward an individual, we can help you create the elegant, individualized awards that your employees deserve. Recognition is too important to leave to cheap, impersonal “rewards” that are quickly destined for the trash bin. Leave it to the professionals, and ensure your people feel valued.

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